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Authentic Japanese cuisine made with local ingredients in a casual style...

Name it a resort meal. The taste is the most important thing...

Cherishing the traditional Japanese cooking soup stock and basic techniques

With sincerity and gratitude for carefully selected materials,

We will provide you with the excitement of taste.
“Pesticide-free Koshihikari from Nikko” and other rice,

Carefully selected “Nikko Yuba”
Delicious and tender “Japanese pork mochibuta”, the king of freshwater fish”

“Iwana and Yamame” grown in the clear streams of Nikko.

“Nantai” is all about delicious food.

Cookers Japanese Culinary Association Federation Teacher Hisashi Hisayoshi Keiji

Kegon Falls


Since its founding, "Nantai" has been providing heartfelt cuisine to everyone at the entrance to Oku-Nikko Kegon Falls.

Delicious food in a homey atmosphere

Please take your time and enjoy.

All our menu items are created by our expert chefs.

This is a work that we are proud of and is full of attention to detail.

There is also a limited time menu that changes depending on the season.

We have some available so please give it a try.

``Nantai'' is loved by locals and foodies who travel all the way to visit our restaurant.

Enjoy local Kaiseki cuisine and Tochigi local sake for dinner when staying in Oku-Nikko.

I will be happy to serve you


Parking lot: 10 free private spaces
Please let us know that you will be using the parking lot when making your reservation.
Installation of cycle stand for road bikes

Cashless Various credit cards, transportation electronic money, various QR code payments, ID, QUICPay, Apple Pay

Total number of seats: 38 seats, tatami seats available
Maximum number of people for banquet: 30 people (seated)
Number of people available for private reservation: 25 to 30 people        

Completely non-smoking
Wheelchair access and restroom available
*An attendant is required to use the restroom.

Request to customers with children

Please be considerate of your surroundings and keep your eyes peeled. Please ask the staff where to change diapers.
We do not allow pets.
Wi-Fi is available.

Allergies and Halal. We will also accommodate food regulations such as Shojin Keisai, but reservations must be made at least one day in advance.
Please feel free to contact us as we will do our best to customize it to the best of our ability.

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